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AquaLink® RS 32 - Pool & Spa Combination


Product ID: JDY-30-1709
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AquaLink RS 32

Automates any pool and spa combination systems that share equipment, and dual equipment systems that share a heater. Variable speed pump interface and control, smart color lighting logic, plus chlorinator option that purifies pools up to 40,000 gallons.

3 HP Relays Std./Max.32 / 32
DescriptionRS 32 Pool and Spa Combination
High Voltage CircuitsPump, Heater + 32 Aux
Steps1. Order System Level (PDA handheld user interface included with PDA system levels)
System InformationPool and Spa Combo Systems - For use with Pool and Spa Combinations sharing one set of equipment (Actuators included)
Valve Actuators Std./Opt./ w/Module2 / 24