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Blue Dolphin Life Jacket - Small: 20"-23" chest (30-50 lbs)


Product ID: OC-SS-002-BD-S
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Quick Overview:

Blue_FishBlue Dolphin Life Jacket

Medium: 23"-25" chest (30-50 lbs)

The rare blue dolphin is extremely quick, smart and playful. Must be all those endorphins.

Sea_Squirts_LogoSea Squirts Life Jackets have a sturdy, grab-me fin and durable neoprene outer with tech fabric liner.

They’re nice and comfy against the skin. Easy to zip and clip. Shipshape enough to qualify as a ski vest or wake-boarding vest and U.S. Coast Guard certified as a United Type III Personal Flotation Device.

In short, they’re built from top to bottom so kids can float happily through childhood.

Product Details

Durable neoprene with tech fabric liner. Nice and comfy against the skin. Qualifies as a ski vest or wake-boarding vest. Also a good warmth layer. Sturdy, flexible fin can be gripped to aid in water rescue, and lies flat against the back for comfortable sitting in chairs and on boats.
Heavy duty plastic zipper and buckles. Designed with choice of three sizes for optimum fit (so strap between child’s legs doesn’t have to be too tight.) U.S. Coast Guard certified. Patent and patent pending.