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CV-700 1 Gallon


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CV-700 Catalytic Enzyme & Phosphate Remover Water Cleaner Concentrate is a unique, stabilized liquid pre-formed enzyme system with a phosphate remover that effectively catalyzes the bio-oxidation of organic contaminants and removes ortho-phosphates commonly found in pools, spas and other recreational water systems.

Routine application of CV-700 will positively maintain water clarity, prevent algae growth occurring from both organic and ortho-phosphate contamination of water, and permit design chlorine production from salt water chlorine generators. As received, CV-700 may be temporarily irritating to eyes and other sensitive membrane tissue; it is, however, nontoxic and considered to be nonhazardous.

  • REDUCES SANITIZER CONSUMPTION - Up to 25% by breaking down organics.
  • CONTROLS PHOSPHATES - Up to 500 ppb when applied weekly as recommended.
  • EXTENDS FILTRATION CYCLES - By eliminating oil buildup in the filter.