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I am NOT a chemist! What do I do, and what’s the first step?


“Arrrrrrgh!” That’s often the first thing that comes out of people’s mouths when they’re asked about their experience with pool chemicals. It’s true, there are a lot of variables when it comes to keeping your pool and spa sparkling clean and healthy. But with a few basic pieces of knowledge, you’ll find that you’ll be able to navigate the world of pool chemistry with no trouble at all.

Your filter and pump system do much of the heavy lifting to keep the water clean, but chemicals are needed for the fine-tuning. After establishing proper circulation in your pool and spa, it’s important to deliver a sanitizer that will kill micro-organisms such as bacteria. Chlorine is the time-tested chemical of choice—either in powder, liquid, or tablet form (or by way of a saltwater system)—and can be administered in multiple ways. (See “Additional Sanitizing Equipment” and “Saltwater Systems” under the Equipment tab, above.)

Sometimes, specialty chemicals are needed to re-establish pH balance, or to remove algae. Rest assured that at Stevethepoolman.com, we have expertise to spare and will work with you to help select the products you need. From a full pool chemical start-up kit or chemicals for established pool maintenance to individualized advice for your specific issue, we’ll show you that pool chemistry is your friend. We’re here to ensure it’s a long and happy relationship!

Happy Pool and Spa!

Steve The Pool Man

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