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JandyWhite - 120V/300W/100' Cord/Plastic Face Ring


Product ID: JDY-30-2560
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Quick Overview:


Nighttime is often the best time to enjoy your pool and spa. After a hectic day of modern life, relaxation is desired and an evening floating under the stars is the perfect prescription. Light your way to a warm body of water, safely entering your pool to float effortlessly under the evening sky. Discover the real benefits of an evening of spa therapy, melting the stress away, massaging sore muscles and aching joints. Tip your head back and become reacquainted with the peace and quiet of your backyard at night, under a celestial canopy, from the warm inviting glow of your pool or spa with JandyWhite Pool & Spa Lights.


  • Cast a bright beam, far and wide
  • Unique tempered glass lens design
  • Illuminate the entry into your pool or spa and highlight tile and decking
  •  Incandescent bulbs in 100, 300 and 500 watts
  • Available in 12 volt and 120 volt models
  • Available with optional face rings to complement any pool finish
  • Optional snap-on lenses create colorful expressions
  • Engineered to be the perfect fit for Jandy ProNiches
  • Installation is simple and ownership is worry free
  • Large White Lights - 8.07" Depth x 10.04" Diameter
  • Small White Lights - 5.01" Depth x 5.81" Diameter
Face RingPlastic
TypeLarge White Light, 120V, 300W, 100' Cable