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Meteor® Top Mount Filters - 20 in. Filter w/ Valve


Product ID: AMP-05-524
Availability: In Stock

Quick Overview:


The one piece Meteor® Top Mount Filter tank is manufactured for use with a top mount multiport valve. The even flow overdrain is built into the valve body for a perfect hydraulic flow pattern. This filter incorporates the design features specified by the top 100 sand filter dealers in America.


  • The Ultimate Pressure Vessel
  • Superior spherical design
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • 6-position top mounted multiport valve
  • 1-1/2 inch pressure sand drain
  • Base and plumbing kits now available
  • Sand funnel supplied
All Sand Required (Lbs.)100
Carton Qty.1
Carton Wt. (Lbs.)28
Filtration Area (Sq.Ft.)2.1
Model20 in. filter, with valve
Optimal Performance at this GPM45
Turnover Capacity (In Gallons) 10 Hour27,000
Turnover Capacity (In Gallons) 12 Hour32,400
Turnover Capacity (In Gallons) 8 Hour21,600