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Nelsonite Deckgard


Product ID: NLS-65-9007
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Deckgard is a premium, waterborne waterproofing concrete and masonry sealer for all concrete surfaces, in- or outdoors. It's a tough, durable, low-sheen coating for pool decks, patios, walkways as well as for interior concrete floors. It dries quickly to a smooth finish and is for concrete surfaces.

A single component waterborne acrylic topcoat that forms to a hard, durable low sheen finish. Formulated for use on concrete and other porous surfaces. Deckgard features excellent adhesion and is virtually unaffected by intermittent standing water and pool water chemicals.
- For swimming pool decks, patios, walkways, and concrete floors.
- A self-priming two-coat system.
- Has a pool deck like appearance.
- Add-A-Grip slip resistant additive can be added for greater safety in areas where there is danger of slipping and falling.
- Coverage: 300 sq. ft./gal.

- Available in White, Buff Beige, Pueblo Beige, Sahara   Tan and Light Gray.