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Orenda Technologies

Eco Friendly Prevention For Algae, Stain and Scale in Swimming Pools

Orenda Technologies is leading the recreational water industry in bringing environmentally responsible solutions to common pool and spa problems. From eliminating algae with all natural, non-toxic products, to curing stain and scale issues so you preserve your investment, Orenda Technologies can help you have the pool and spa of your dreams.

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SC-1000 Scale & Metal Control

SC-1000 Scale Control & Metal Chelant is a proprietary, patent pending, non-phosphorus containing aqueous formulation for control of carbonate scale and metals staining in recreational
water systems.

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SC-1000 1 Quart$18.94
SC-1000 1 Gallon$61.15

PR-10000 Phosphate Remover Concentrate

PR-10,000 is the strongest phosphorus control products on the market.

PR-10,000 Phosphate Remover is a highly concentrated solution formulated to react with water-born phosphates, removing them as a nutrient source for algae formation and growth. It helps prevent interference with chlorine sanitizing and disinfection caused by algae.

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CV-700 Phosphate Remover & Catalytic Enzyme

CV-700 Catalytic Enzyme & Phosphate Remover Water Cleaner Concentrate is a unique, stabilized liquid pre-formed enzyme system with a phosphate remover that effectively catalyzes the bio-oxidation of organic contaminants
and removes ortho-phosphates commonly found in pools, spas and other recreational water systems.

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CV-700 1 Quart$19.86
CV-700 1 Gallon$63.70
Showing items 1–3 of 3 total