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PureLink - 12,000 gal. & 16" Cables


Product ID: PLC700
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Quick Overview:


The PureLink™ incorporates the AquaPure™ Water Purification System electronics into the AquaLink® RS Power Center for a simple and convenient installation. Add the benefits of water purification to your pool and spa control system.


  • 3-Port cell has 90 degree plumbing flexibility, durable housing, sensor integrated into third port and larger unions for easy installation
  • Solid titanium plates manufactured with multiple coatings of precious metals to provide efficient chlorine production and enhanced cell life
  • Automatic reversing cycle helps keep the cell free from calcium buildup
DescriptionFor pools up to 12,000 gal., 16' cables, 2-2 1/2" Unions, 7 blade, 3-port cell