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SC-1000 1 Gallon


Product ID: SC-1000-GAL
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SC-1000 Scale Control & Metal Chelant is a proprietary, patent pending, non-phosphorus containing aqueous formulation for control of carbonate scale and metals staining in recreational
water systems.

Applied as directed, SC-1000 is compatible with materials of pool and spa construction, and other treatment chemicals applied in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. SC-1000 is especially effective at controlling salt water generator (SWG) electrode scale formation without contributing orthophosphates to the water which inhibit chlorine sanitation and act as nutrients for algae growth.

  • CONTAINS NO PHOSPHORUS - Which contributes to algae growth.
  • CALCIUM SCALE - Prevents & removes calcium scale from pool surfaces.
  • METAL STAINS - Prevents metals from staining pool surfaces.
  • SALT CHOLRINE GENERATORS - Prevents scaling which extends cell life.
  • PATENTED FORMULA - Nontoxic, nonhazardous, economical.
  • GREAT FOR STARTUPS - Stop calcium buildup before it starts