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Killa Whale Swim Assist Vests

Killa Whales live in big, happy families called pods. They like to chase fish, slap their tails on the water and spout off to their friends.

Blue Dolphin Swim Assist Vests

The rare blue dolphin is extremely quick, smart and playful. Must be all those endorphins.

Grrreat White Shark Swim Assist Vests

Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Mm-hm. Here comes the natural winner in your next game of Sharks and Minnows.

Clownfish Swim Assist Vests

Smile. This little guy is the perfect sidekick for a very finny time in the water.

Pink Dolphin Swim Assist Vests

There’s a certain school of people who always flip for wearing pink, so we made this design pretty on porpoise.

Showing items 1–5 of 5 total