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Suction-side vacuum cleaners work off the suction of your pool pump, moving debris through your filtration system so no bag or clean-up is needed.  Some systems are even equipped to scrub your pool walls, no matter how big your pool is. 

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Poolvergnuegen - The PoolCleaner™

Isn't it time you experience POOLVERGNUEGEN?

Besides being our company name, “POOLVERGNUEGEN” means pool pleasure.The PoolCleaner™ WORKS so that you can experience POOLVERGNUEGEN.  Our business is Automactic Swimming Pool Cleaners . The first thing you will notice when you look at the PoolCleaner ™ is that it is of highest quality. The PoolCleaner ™ is robust and if maintained properly will result in many years of pool cleaning.  We use only the highest quality materials to ensure the best pool cleaning products. The PoolCleaner ™ is proudly made in the USA. This cleaner was designed and built with many years of experience iin the pool industry. Each cleaner is tested to assure the finest quality.

Baracuda® X7 Quattro® Suction-Side Cleaner

The Baracuda X7 Quattro is an inspired blend of sleek design and advanced technology resulting in unparalleled performance. From its innovative QTC System (Quattro Traction Control) to a completely re-engineered "One Moving Part" diaphragm, the X7 Quattro stands alone as the cutting edge solution for pool cleaning. Powered by your pool's existing filtration system, the X7 Quattro has the agility to climb 90 degree sheer side walls and the mobility to navigate pool surfaces faster and more efficiently. Built to last, the X7 Quattro is well constructed from materials that will stand up to submersion in harsh chemical environments and perform tirelessly, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Pentair - Kreepy Krauly® Classic - Suction-Side Inground Pool Cleaner

Kreepy Krauly® is simply the most popular suction-side cleaner in history with more than 2 million satisfied customers worldwide. It's fast, dependable, thorough and lasts for years and years.

Baracuda® G3 Suction-Side Cleaner

Simple effective.  The G3 has only one operational moving part—the Long-Life Diaphragm. No gears, wheels, or flappers means simple operation, maximum power, and low-cost maintenance.

G3 Suction-Side Cleaner$401.35

Hayward - KingRay® Disc Pool Cleaner

As always Hayward looks for ways to provide cost-effective, low maintenance and high quality products for pool owners. The KingRay® is just one more product that exemplifies this, with only one moving part, its diaphragm technology will provide years of trouble-free operation. While the KingRay® is thoroughly cleaning your pool (picking up all types of debris, dirt, twigs and more), you can relax poolside since the KingRay™ is extremely quiet. This benefit is unique to its price category.

Baracuda® G2 Suction-Side Cleaner

The G2 delivers maximum cleaning capability with low speed pumps.  Proven Zodiac® Advanced Hydrodynamic Design - Relax and enjoy the results of unmatched expertise in state of the art hydrodynamics.  Optimized Cleaning Performance - Quickly inhales small and large debris while thoroughly cleaning the bottom, walls and steps of your pool.   Pool Owner Friendly — Connects to your skimmer in minutes and comes pre-assembled in the box so all you need to do is simply attach the disc and hose. No tools or special plumbing is required.

G2 Suction-Side Cleaner$287.50

Pentair - Kreepy Krauly® E-Z Vac™ - Suction-Side Aboveground Pool Cleaner

Simply the best built aboveground pool cleaner available. E-Z Vac was designed based on the same time-tested platform as the most popular suction-side cleaner in history, Kreepy Krauly. Includes 32 ft. of hose.

Baracuda® Ranger Suction-Side Cleaner

The Ranger is an affordable, dependable automatic pool cleaner that will thoroughly clean your aboveground pool—removing dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves and even pebbles—and requires no extra plumbing and incurs no additional energy cost.

Hayward - SunRay® Disc Pool Cleaner

Looking for an automatic pool cleaner that goes everywhere in your pool? As always Hayward's commitment to providing products that fit your needs continues. Therefore, Hayward welcomes to the in-ground swimming pool market the most economically priced automatic pool cleaner…the SunRay®. The SunRay® is the perfect choice of cleaner for the price-conscience consumer without compromising quality.

Hayward - Navigator® Automatic Pool Cleaner

Navigator gives you easy, trouble-free operation. And because it's powered by your existing filtration system, you don't have the expense of an energy-consuming booster pump. You won't waste time emptying or replacing debris bags. Getting that sparkling clean pool is easy and effortless. When you install your new Navigator as part of the Totally Hayward® System, you get the assurance of knowing you have a complete system, designed to work together for the best automatic operation and the cleanest pool possible.

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