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Underwater Light Show


Product ID: GDP-90-3555
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Underwater Light Show.  The underwater light show is a disco ball for you pool! Four light patterns with auto-switch. Timer that shuts off after 60 minutes! Runs on 3 AA batteries that are included!!  With the Underwater Light Show you can bring the electric atmosphere of a disco dance floor to your pool! Pop in some groovin' tunes, drop the Underwater Light Show into your pool and get the party started. This pool disco ball comes in four bright patterns! Since the light floats, the flashing patterns change as the water's surface shifts. To conserve energy, the Underwater Light Show turns off automatically after 60 minutes. It's dimensions are 6"L x 6"W x 5"H.  The ball will light a diameter of 12ft in a 5ft deep pool. If you have a large pool, you may need more than one unit if you want to light up your whole pool.