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What is salt chlorination, and how can it help me?


Because of some nasty things that can find their way into a pool or spa—whether blown in by the wind or inadvertently brought in by a swimmer—it’s important to keep water sparkling clean and blissfully sanitized.

Salt chlorinators have recently become all the rage, and for a lot of good reasons. Easy to install, they’re safe, effective, and work automatically by using an electrolytic cell to “magically” convert common table salt (NaCl) into the chlorine that is necessary to keep your pool safe to swim in. And thankfully, the process prevents two of traditional bottled chlorine’s biggest drawbacks: burning eyes and the strong caustic chemical smell.

Need more convincing? Users of salt chlorinators swear they can even feel a difference in the softness of the water on their skin…not to mention that it’s a greener alternative to lugging heavy bottles of pool chemicals to your home.

Happy Pool and Spa!

Steve The Pool Man

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