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What type of filter will work best for me?


After choosing a pool pump, the next most important choice you will make is which filter is best for your personal circumstances. Like with pumps, there are multiple choices, many manufacturers, and no shortage of opinions as to which cleans a pool best!

Sand has been used as a filtration mode for over 400 years. Many believe it offers superior cleaning, while detractors point out the back-washing maintenance (and the resulting wasted water) as a drawback. Diatomaceous Earth (D.E.) systems work similarly—both force water through small particles that trap dirt and debris—but new and improved models forgo the backwashing.

Since the early ’60s, cartridge filters have become more and more attractive to consumers—and have especially risen in popularity of late. Using extremely strong pleats of polyester, these self-contained units can filter out dirt about one-tenth the size of a grain of table salt. Although minimal maintenance is needed, their durability and performance often outweigh any negatives.

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