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What pump will work smarter, not harder, for me?


From two-speed pumps to the 2006 introduction of the super efficient variable-speed pumps, pool owners now have many choices when it comes to keeping the jewel in their home’s crown sparkling.

Once again, California has led the way with its “CA Title 20” ruling, which states that pool pumps must meet higher standards for energy efficiency—all but forbidding old-style single-speed principle circulation pumps. But who wouldn’t want to save up to 90% on their electric bill with a quiet, easy-to-program-and-use variable-speed pump whose computer constantly analyzes and adjusts to keep your pool at its peak?

Steve The Pool Man offers many vendor options, including Jandy, Hayward, Sta-Rite, and the industry leader and best-selling Pentair (with their IntelliFlo and IntelliPro High Performance Pumps).  If you can't decide which pump to purchase or need more information, give us a call and we can help you pick the perfect pump for YOUR pool.

Happy Pool and Spa!

Steve The Pool Man

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