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What automatic cleaner will leave my pool “squeaky clean”?


For those looking for automation versus manual cleaning, a wide variety of mechanical pool cleaners—using a number of different technologies—is available. Ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to over a cool grand, these cleaners are broken down into three main categories: suction, pressure, and robotic.

Suction cleaners are the most popular—and least expensive—type, as they easily connect to the existing pool pump through the skimmer. Pressure cleaners use the water pressure to propel themselves as they clean, but must also contain a booster pump. The main drawback to both suction and pressure cleaners is that they basically only clean the bottoms of pools.

Robotic cleaners, while at the high end of the cost scale, tend to be well-designed for easy use, high energy efficiency, and low maintenance. But best of all, they climb the walls and clean everything, including steps and the waterline.

With such a huge array of choices and cost, you’re sure to find the perfect cleaner that will allow you and yours to do more of what you got the pool for—swim!

Happy Pool and Spa!

Steve The Pool Man

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