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What heater will keep my pool at the perfect temperature?


While it’s not uncommon for the kids to brave colder water temps, we grown-ups generally prefer our swims—and definitely our spa experiences—with at least a minimum of heat.

Depending on your location, your seasonal temperatures, and your pool size, choices abound.  There are several dvantages of Natural Gas Heaters.  First they are eco-friendly with no dangerous emissions to the environment.  Second natural gas heaters are cost effective, at least half the cost of an electric water heater.  Lastly they are easily installed, just run a gas line to the heater.  Our assortment of natural gas heaters will all enhance your pool/spa time and warm you through the coldest night.

And don’t forget to consider solar-powered heaters (see Solar Heating tab, above).

Happy Pool and Spa!

Steve The Pool Man

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