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Fine Art Giclee and Sculptures both new and old.    Boulevard has an eclectic flair to suit most everyones taste.

Grand Central Moment I

52GCGP0123-C Frame: 36PL294526 60x40 overall dim:  61.5x41.5


Radiant Stripes

52GCMU0284-E frame:  36PUN1531 54x54



52LL7777 Frame:  36PUEC1610 80x50 overall dim:  81.25x51.25



52LL7103 Frame: 36PUEC1610 54x54 overall dim: 55.25x55.25


Cosmopolitan III

52OW83072FN-E Frame:  36PUEC1607 54x54 overall dim:  56.25x56.25


Daybreak I

89OJAR2640-WAL-E Frame 36PUEC1608 54x54 overall dim:  55.25x22.25



89UMAR130-WAL-F Frame  36PUEC1608 54x60 overall dim:  55.25x61.25


Water Shade

52GCJS0240 Frame 36PU5112811 50x53 overall dim:  42x55


Color Arrangement I

52GCJS0305-E Frame 36PUN571 54x72,  Overall Dim 57x75


Interior Diminsions

52KO0324 Frame 36P2008 40x60 overall dim 43.5x63.5


Parisian Blues I

52GCMR0286-D Frame 36P2021 47x70 overall dim:  50.5x73.5